Hansol Group’s unique, long-held philosophy:
Aggressive eco-friendly management
Hansol Group’s environmentally-centric philosophy and practice, which we have long held since our foundation, has been a forward-thinking approach to maximize our value as a company and a symbol of pride. Going beyond merely practicing environmental protection, Hansol Group is striving to achieve harmony between humanity and nature through green management and environmental projects in accordance with global trends.
Hansol Group conducts a wide range of eco-friendly projects based on systemic plans
Having planted its corporate roots in the papermaking field, Hansol Group has systemically designed and carried out master plans for green management since its inception. Hansol Group has been continuing its extraordinary journey for a long time through various eco-friendly efforts such as proclaiming the “Environmental Charter” in 1993 — Hansol is the industry’s first corporation to have done so — and maximizing the recycling of its resources through waste paper recycling and wastewater treatment. Having begun its environmental efforts with pollutant emission reduction and energy saving and expanded into developing eco-friendly products, Hansol Group is now pursuing eco-friendly projects in line with global trends, focusing on greenhouse gas reduction and creating new and renewable energy such as low-carbon heat sources. Hansol Group has established different ways of green management for its subsidiaries in order to suit their respective visions and is actively pursuing green management: Hansol Paper and Hansol HomeDeco’s afforestation, Hansol Technics’ foray into the new and renewable energy business, and Hansol EME’s rising presence in the green energy field.
Helping to realize the future with a tree
Afforestation contributes to the improvement of the climatic environment, helps protect biodiversity, and provides various socio-economic values to humanity. Based on its philosophy on nature and the environment, Hansol Paper has been continually conducting afforestation since 1996 and has so far planted as many as 45 million trees in South Korea alone. Hansol HomeDeco has contributed to the forestation of Overseas Plantation 10,000 hectares of Radiata pine trees in New Zealand, expanding the long-cultivated value of Hansol Group’s green management to international markets.